This site is to show some of the design work I'd produced in my 17 years whilst at Midsummer Books/Aerospace Publishing Ltd in London.

There's a selection of the books and magazines I've worked on listed in the left-hand column. 

I've tried to include one whole issue of each magazine where possible, as well as any point-of-sale or promotional material that was produced to promote the magazines – you can click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of each page.

Our early work at Midsummer was produced using QuarkXpress and sent out to bureaus/typesetters for high-resolution picture scanning and film output (desktop scanners of the time were either hideously expensive or not up to print quality standards, and film was needed to make plates) – this is why there are no files/pdfs of the early magazines I'd worked on.

Latter work was produced using Adobe Creative Suite with scans and pdfs produced in-house, which are shown here.

Midsummer Books/Aerospace Publishing was owned by Stan Morse, whos main passions were aircraft, military/war subjects and wildlife. Most of what the company published (bar Star Trek) reflected those interests. Stan closed Midsummer down when he retired, prompeted in part by the shrinking military/Star Trek partwork market.

All copyright remains with it's rightful owners.