This site is to show some of the design I'd done in my 17 years whilst at Midsummer Books/Aerospace Publishing Ltd in London.

A selection of the magazines I'd worked on is listed in the column on the left. 

I've tried to include one whole issue of each magazine where possible, as well as any point-of-sale or promotional literature that was produced to promote the magazines - please click on the thumbnails to see a larger versions of each page.

Midsummer Books/Aerospace Publishing was owned by Stan Morse, whos main passions were aircraft, military/war subjects, and wildlife. Most of what the company published (bar Star Trek) reflected those areas.

If you wish to view the Midsummer website, which lists some of its older publications (the website was last updated in July 2009) then please visit

Our early work at Midsummer was produced using QuarkXpress and sent out to bureaus/typesetters for high-res picture scanning and film output (desktop scanners of the time were either hideously expensive or not up to producing print quality scans, and film was needed to make plates) - this is why there are no files/pdfs of the early magazines included. 

Latter work was produced using Adobe Creative Suite with pdfs produced in-house, so are shown here.

All copyright remains with it's rightful owners.